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Find & leave behind photos with your iPhone
Photo sharing turned inside out. Join the fun now!
Discover, create and contribute to a stash of photos that can only be found in a specific location.

What is a stash ?

A stash is a collection of one or more photos that can be found, created and contributed to only at a specific location.

Where can a stash be ?

A stash can be anywhere: your favorite bar, coffee shop, or concert venue; even more out of the way places like a park or a hiking trail.

Who can view or create a stash ?

Anyone with Stashpix on their iPhone can anonymously view, create or add photos to a nearby stash. You can monitor changes to any stash you create or contribute to, as well as delete your own photos from anywhere.

A different approach.

Stashpix doesn't care who you or your friends are. You don't check-in. It's not a social network. It's just a fun way to find and leave behind photos wherever you go!

What can you do with Stashpix ?

- Discover what others have stashed nearby
- Leave a self portrait wherever you go
- Document a celebrity sighting
- Create a game or scavenger hunt
- Create a stash of food pics at your favorite restaurant
- Flirt: flash a smile... and your email address
- Promote your band or comedy act
- The possibilities are endless: do something creative !